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The Tell Sabi Abyad project comprises two long-term and wide-ranging research themes:

  • Material Culture, Subsistence Strategies and Social Transformation in Late Neolithic Syria, ca. 7000-5300 BC
  • On the Frontier of Assyria: Empire and the Material Expression of Sociopolitical Affiliation in a Late Bronze Age Border Zone, ca. 1300-1000 BC   

Both the Late Neolithic and the Late Bronze Age represent eras of momentous change in the organization of settlement and the structure of socio-economic relationships, and are of crucial importance in our understanding of both the development of early villages and the formation of large territorial states.

However, despite their widely recognized importance, both periods are still listed among the least known in the Near East in general and in Syria in particular. By means of a regional and thematic approach, based on survey and extensive excavation at Tell Sabi Abyad, the research project aims to fill in the gaps in our understanding which currently occur at virtually every level of investigation. The project has proved to be very successful indeed.

A few photos of the excavation at the site of Tell Sabi Abyad III: