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Do you want to support the excavation at Tell Sabi Abyad?

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Prof. Peter Akkermans  at



The excavations at the site of Tell Sabi Abyad have been carried out under the auspices of Leiden University (The Netherlands) and under the leadership of Professor Peter Akkermans since 1986. Many institutions and persons have contributed to the success of this extensive archaeological project in Syria.


The project takes place under the supervision of the Directorate-General of Antiquities and Museums of the Syrian Arab Republic (Damascus). We are grateful to the Directorate-General for its continual assistance and encouragement concerning the research at Tell Sabi Abyad. We also thank the Department of Antiquities in Raqqa for its much-valued help.

The Tell Sabi Abyad project received financial and/or institutional support form:

Leiden University

Netherlands National Museum of Antiquities

Amsterdam Free University

State University Groningen

University of Chicago (Oriental Institute)

Université de Strasbourg (France)


Université de Lyon (France)

Netherlands Foundation for Scientific Research (NWO)

Foundation for Anthropology and Prehistory in the Netherlands.

Netherlands Institute for Academic Studies in Damascus

Royal Dutch Embassy in Damascus

Foundation Friends of Sabi Abyad

Syria Shell Petroleum Development B.V.



Syrian workmen busy with their dusty job!