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Syria 100 years ago


An albumen photo from around 1875, showing the beautiful, old city of Damascus in the distance, surrounded by the lush gardens and orchards of the Ghuta. The picture is taken from the village of Salhieh (in the front), on the lower slope of Mound Qasioun. Today Salhieh is a suburb of the million-city of Damascus.


An albumen photo made around 1890 by Suleiman Hakim, a resident photographer in Damascus. It shows the outdoor garden café named Jardin Soufaniyeh along the Barada, river, just outside of Bab Touma (“St. Thomas’s Gate”) and the Christian quarter of the old town of Damascus. The Jardin Soufaniyeh  was a very popular place to go at the very end of the 19th century, frequented both by Damascus residents and tourists alike.




Hakim’s photo sold very well among the many tourists visiting Damascus and was used for a even more popular postcard, such as this one,  beautifully coloured and dated Sunday, April 16, 1905.




Damascus in the 1910s



The Dead Cities in northern Syria on a postcard from 1902


A postcard showing Damascus in 1901